Privacy Policy

(As of 25.05.2018)

Responsible Organization of Data Processing:
SourceWeb GmbH
27 Old Gloucester Street
United Kingdom
Company number: 11921075

Purpose of data collection and processing:
- fulfillment of contractual obligations
- service provision
- fulfillment of pre-contractual measures
- fulfillment of statutory records and retention obligations
- communication with the customers
- analysis of the behavior of website visitors

Legal framework for data processing:
- Active contract
- Legal obligation
- Consent of the data subject
- Legitimate interest
in particular the processing of customer inquiries by e-mail and the fulfillment of pre-contractual obligations

Processing time:
- We retain personal data that we process on the basis of a statutory record or retention obligation for the duration required by the respective statutory provision.
This applies in particular, but not exclusively, to accounting evidence and the related personal data that we must save pursuant to Section 132 of the Austrian Federal Tax Code for a period of seven full calendar years.
- We process personal data based on an active business relationship for the duration of the respective business relationship.
A business relationship is considered to exist when we are currently working on projects of the customer, preparing such work, receiving a project request from the customer, or having worked on a project for the customer in the last three years.

Rights of data subjects:
Each person has the following rights:
- The right to complete access to the personal information we process about you.
- The right to receive copies of personal data processed by us.
- The right to demand the correction or addition of false or incomplete personal data.
- The right to delete the personal data concerned, or to restrict processing in accordance with Art 18 GDPR.
- The right to object to the future processing of personal data, in particular the right to object that they will in future be used for direct marketing purposes in accordance with Art 21 GDPR.
- The right of appeal to the supervisory authority under Art 77 GDPR if you believe that the personal data are being processed unlawfully.

- The rights can be obtained by e-mail to or by post to our Austrian company address. However, a deletion can only take place insofar as the storage of the corresponding personal data is not carried out on the basis of statutory records. If deletion is not legally possible, data processing will be limited to the legally required purpose.

Type of processed data:
- We process the personal data that the data subject sends to us electronically, by mail or in person. In particular, we process the data that the customer sends us by electronic mail, via forms on our website or otherwise to us.
- We process basically first name, last name, telephone number, fax number, mobile number, Internet address, company name, address consisting of city, zip code, region and country, as well as the IP address with date and time of the visit, as far as these data from the customer, in what form always, to be transmitted to us.
- In addition, we process personal data that is necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship or for the fulfillment of legal records.
- We also process various computer data, such as IP address, browser and browser version, operating system, language, and the duration of the visit to the website.

Share of the data:
- Basically, we do not disclose personal data to uninvolved third parties. For the fulfillment of contractual obligations, however, a transfer or partial transfer to any sub companies or suppliers may be required. In this case, we only pass personal data that this is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and we will pass data only to subjects with whom we have concluded an agreement on data processing, which likewise ensures the same.

Origin of the data:
The data was transmitted by the customer to us electronically, by mail or in person. Before handling customer projects, we also regularly collect data from credit protection organizations, such as the Kreditschutzverband 1870.


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